Explore Pontresina

We want you to enjoy new experiences for yourself. That means not only trying out everything that the Sunstar Hotel Pontresina has to offer but also exploring the pretty mountain village of Pontresina under your own steam. Because Pontresina is actually far more than just the clichéd stereotype of a little alpine village in Graubünden. Pontresina has all the traditional charm of the Engadin, and it can’t fail to work its magic on you.

Your adventure

You decide where your next outdoor adventure will take you, where you want to take some time out for a rest or a coffee, and where to indulge in the best Pontresina Steinbocktorte. You can do things exactly how you prefer them to be. Go out well prepared, with a map in your pocket, or just wander wherever the fancy takes you. Of course, we’ll be happy to give you a few tips to help you on your way – if you want us to.