Explore Pontresina

We want you to enjoy new experiences for yourself. That means not only trying out everything that the Sunstar Hotel Pontresina has to offer but also exploring the pretty mountain village of Pontresina under your own steam. Because Pontresina is actually far more than just the clichéd stereotype of a little alpine village in Graubünden. Pontresina has all the traditional charm of the Engadin, and it can’t fail to work its magic on you.

Your adventure

You decide where your next outdoor adventure will take you, where you want to take some time out for a rest or a coffee, and where to indulge in the best Pontresina Steinbocktorte. You can do things exactly how you prefer them to be. Go out well prepared, with a map in your pocket, or just wander wherever the fancy takes you. Of course, we’ll be happy to give you a few tips to help you on your way – if you want us to.

Steinbock Pontresina

Nature and an idyll for ibex

The Sunstar Hotel Pontresina is near the upper end of a popular walking route for seeing ibex in their natural habitat. So as you look out of your hotel window, as well as admiring the stunning mountain scenery, you may well also catch sight of the “King of the Alps”, one of the colony of ibex who make this their home. From the end of April to early June, the ibex come down below the snowline to the very edge of the village, where they can nibble the fresh green shoots of grass. Then in the autumn, when the larch forests turn golden brown, you can enjoy another natural spectacle: the rutting season for red deer – a time of suffering for love, as they say. The impressively loud roaring of the stags, as they vie to display their virility and gain an advantage, has to be heard to be believed.

Val Roseg

Glacier paradise

Here in Pontresina, the magnificent glaciers seem close enough to touch. If you like going high up, you can climb up from the mountaineering village of Pontresina to the ridges, peaks and glaciers around Piz Palü and Piz Bernina. You’re never far from year-round ice here.

We can give you all the information you need about hiking, climbing and discovering local fauna and flora, as well as plenty of insider tips – if you want us to. In the natural paradise around Pontresina, the opportunities for creating wonderful memories are endless. Every season here puts on a great show and has its own particular charm. Discover your season! 

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