Discover the Engadin’s wonderful food

A hotel without its own restaurant – can you imagine it? Probably not. But it can definitely work! We’re quite sure of that because, after all, everyone should decide for themselves what they want on their plate. That's why we focus on individuality when it comes to food and drink, too: cook for yourself or enjoy a delicious snack in the hotel, eat your way round Pontresina’s restaurants or use a delivery service – you decide!

You could even eat each of your meals in a different place: in peace in your hotel room or in the company of others in our Social Area. After all, nothing brings people together like good food. 

Nothing brings people together like good food


Breakfast like a king

In the morning, you can either start the day in pyjamas with a pre-ordered breakfast hamper in your room, or enjoy your first cup of coffee in the Social Area. We make a meal out of breakfast: regional specialities, hot and cold dishes, hearty meals and lighter bites, bread and rolls from the village bakery and Engadin coffee served by a barista are all part of it. You have the following options:

  • Enjoy the breakfast buffet in the Social Area
  • Pre-order a breakfast hamper
  • Take your breakfast to your room
Social Area - Sunstar Pontresina

Eat out, cook for yourself, or get a delivery

If you wish to cook for yourself and/or others, we’ll be happy to tell you where to obtain the best local ingredients for your meal. Our new hotel concept gives you entirely new freedom. Opt for delicious snacks in the Social Area, ask us for restaurant suggestions or the contact details for the best delivery services in the area, or choose top-quality ready meals that you just need to heat up – they’re all possible.