A Unique Kind of Holiday

Do it «Your Way», because even when you’re on holiday, you create your own happiness. We’re stylish, trendy, flexible – and «Yours». We don’t offer an all-inclusive package where everything is looked after for you. But we’re there for you when you need us. You check yourself in and tell us what you need with the click of a button. We have gone digital and operate entirely without cash. 

We give you tips and recommendations about the wonderful mountain village of Pontresina – if you want us to. You can get creative in your own kitchen or eat out – whichever you want to. You decide. You make your holiday dreams come true. It’s Just Yours. 

«Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.»
- George Bernard Shaw
Happy laughing women in an exuberant mood

Like Community

Do you enjoy talking to people and being in good company? Or do you prefer some quiet moments of togetherness? With us, everything is possible. You decide who shares your holiday, how, where and when. And you decide when you want to be by yourself. Combine rooms so that you enjoy being on holiday with your loved ones in just the way that you want. Or meet up and be sociable for a time in the Mountain Lounge & Terrace. 

A woman running on a snowy path

Live Independently

Do you like to be free of all commitments when you’re on holiday, able to react spontaneously to your needs? Get up in the morning and simply do whatever you fancy? With us, you are your own boss and can decide from hour to hour what’s right for you. Getting out and about, cooking, lounging around… Your Way to Experience! 


Interior view of design double room

Digital & Cashless

Enjoy complete flexibility when you arrive and depart. Because we like to use the latest technology, you can check yourself in and out at the terminals in the hotel. You can collect your room key from the terminal or load it on to your mobile phone. Long queues at Reception are a thing of the past. We make checking in as easy as coming home. Oh, yes, and by the way: every aspect of the hotel is completely cashless. That is to say, you either pay for the services you use directly using Twint or you get them charged to your room, and then pay for them at the cash-free terminal when you check out.