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Allegra! Welcome to Sunstar Pontresina. It's great that you have subscribed and want to browse through our News. This is where we keep you up-to-date in words and pictures – because one thing's for certain: there's a lot going on here!

Find out the latest from Sunstar Pontresina and how the Sunstar Collection's new hotel concept is progressing. It's still all really exciting... 

Our CEO visits the construction site

Silvio Schoch - a CEO who wants to be part of the action. True to the motto "in the thick of things instead of just being there".

«La Collina» becomes Sunstar

What a beautiful transformation! Now the old name has been "let go" - with all due honour, of course.

Womenpower – we like!

May we introduce a very special duo? Eva Leitner and Noëmie Ruckstuhl will accompany you in «Your Way of Mountain Living»!